Righting a Terrible Wrong

Freedom for Every Child

Butterfly Home provides hundreds of children with a place to live and so much more: access to schooling, nutritious meals, medical care, a sense of belonging. Our children have the chance to learn from local entrepreneurs and volunteers so they can grow up painting, practicing yoga, playing music, learning languages and using computers. By restoring their childhood, we’re securing their future—opening up possibilities that the world had nearly shut away.

We currently provide a home for over 45 children.

We believe all children should have access to:



Medical Care
and Vaccines

Clothing for
All Seasons

Our Projects

Kids in
Ilam Prison

We wish every child in Ilam Prison could join us—but that’s not always possible. For those that remain, we supply fresh milk, clothes and medical supplies. It’s part of our effort to provide care in any way we can.

Butterfly Scholarships

When a parent is released from prison and a child leaves Butterfly Home, it doesn’t mean the child leaves our family too. We continue to support children who reunite with their parents by financing their school tuition.

Helping Mothers

Pushpa teaches imprisoned and released women how to make handcrafts and Waldorf dolls. The sale of these handmade goods supports Butterfly Home and helps Nepali women learn valuable income-generating skills.

Looking to the Future

The Best is Yet to Come

After the earthquake hit in April of 2015, 60% of our structure was destroyed. But we’re rebuilding. Thanks to generous funding from the German orginazation BILD hilft e.V. “Ein Herz für Kinder,” we’ll move into our new Butterfly Home by 2016—solar powered, wheelchair accessible, and equipped with a medical room, library, and kitchen. Also, Pushpa is finding ways to support her “graduates”— children that have grown up at Butterfly Home. She plans to start a hostel program nearby, where grown children can remain part of the Butterfly Home family, yet gain independence.


The next chapter. The next child. Pushpa’s story
continues, and so does the need for generous support.

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